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Kayla, September 2018 It was a nice sized facility, very clean, friendly staff and had a nice playground outside. We will be back for sure.
Sandra, September 2018 My babies love Little Peanut Academy! They give me no hard time to get up and go.
Gilbert, September 2018 I think Mrs. Nicole is awesome and I love how my girls keep wanting to go back…
Adriana, July 2018 We had the best experience introducing our first born to school. She grew more and more eager to learn as the year went on. She retained so much of what was taught because the learning activities were fun, engaging and easy for her to apply in every day life. We will forever be grateful for Mrs. Nicole and the LPA family. Such a blessing.
Natalie, July 2018 I am SO thankful we decided to send our son to LPA. The amount of love Mrs. Nicole pours into her school and each little peanut is immeasurable. Over the course of a year with her, she had my (wild) little man recognizing and writing his letters and numbers. He even knows simple addition now. I am blown away by the amount she taught them. I cannot say enough about Mrs. Nicole and her preschool. Simply Amazing. I can’t wait until my youngest can attend VPK with her.
Wendi, July 2018 We can’t say enough about LPA and Mrs. Nicole! Being an educator myself, I knew exactly what I was looking for in a preschool. We wanted a small, fun and loving environment where my child would learn through PLAY! Mrs. Nicole exceeded that expectation! She is SO creative in her ways of instruction and teaching, that the children are learning so much without even knowing they are learning! I was always amazed at the activities and centers for the week that she set up! I, myself, wanted to be a student in her class! Mrs. Nicole was excellent at communicating with us regarding any concern and was very open to meeting with me anytime. The thing I love the most was when my son said his best memory of the year was that “Mrs. Nicole like me.” She truly has a way of making each child feel loved and special! She brought my son out of a bit of a “shell”, into this confident, outgoing child I had never seen before! For this I will always be grateful! We love LPA and can’t recommend it enough! If you’re looking for a loving, family environment where children are brought to their best through academic and social play and learning, then LPA is the right place for you!
Sofia, July 2018 My daughter is a pretty shy kid and has flourished so much since going to LPA. She’s made so many friends and has learned so much in just a year. I really believe Mrs. Nicole and Mrs. Elaine have given her the best foot forward for the coming school year. She’s so enthusiastic about learning thanks to them!
Crissy, July 2018 It was a blessing having our son attend LPA! He loved it so much. On days he was unable to attend he would burst into tears. Our daughter will definitely be attending once it is time for her to start VPK. TY for being so great! Highly recommend. “Mrs. Nicole is the best teacher ever!”- Jordan
Danielle, May 2018 We have just finished our VPK school year at LPA with Mrs. Nicole. I am so THANKFUL we have found this loving school. My girls had an amazing VPK school year at LPA and now are beyond ready for Kindergarten. Mrs. Nicole and Mrs. Elaine have loved my children like their own from the very first day. It truly shows that they LOVE what they do. My girls have never been to daycare or a school before they attended LPA for VPK and Mrs. Nicole made it such an easy transition for them. They made many friends, learned everything and more that they needed to move up to Kindergarten and built a beautiful foundation to grow their learning journey on. They kept me, as a parent, involved and updated us on my girls’ behavior and learning skills. At the end of the year she put together a beautiful portfolio of their work and compared the beginning of the year to the end of the year. I really wish we were able to spend more years here at LPA. I am very glad she also does play dates in their lounge so we can come back and visit.
Samantha, September 2017 My son has been going to LPA since he was 3! He went in with a bit of a speech problem and now he’s in Mrs. Nicole’s VPK class and reading! These teachers care so much about our children and go above and beyond! We are so grateful Mrs. Nicole opened LPA & I cannot wait for my little girl to attend!
Alberto, September 2017 Peanut’s Playhouse is a great place to bring your little one. My son is two and enjoys all of the different play areas. The staff is amazing and their facility is always super clean. Little Peanut Academy is the best! The choice to place my child in someone else’s care for a few hours a day was not an easy one, but I am so happy we found LPA. Mrs. Elaine, Mrs. Nicole and Mrs. Donna have won my son’s heart and mine. I truly feel blessed to have found such a wonderful place for my son to learn and be loved.
Scott, October 2017 This place is amazing and they do such an incredible job with the kids!
Maria, October 2017 We LOVE LPA! They treat our little guy as if he were their own! Thank you LPA!
Sandy, October 2017 Mrs. Nicole, Mrs. Elaine and Mrs. Donna’s love, drive and dedication to the kids is beyond amazing! Our little peanut has blossomed more than we ever imagined. We highly recommend LPA!
Brenda, October 2017 What a wonderful place for young children and a great party venue for them. Thank you for such an awesome birthday party for my grandson Evan.
Donna, December 2017 Had a fantastic time at Peanut’s Playhouse for their Cookies with Santa. The kids had a blast and they loved seeing Santa and enjoyed the cookies. Thank you for such a great day!!!
Millicent, October 2016 Great indoor play! I loved the themed play areas! I was able to sit and watch my daughter while she played. It was very clean, organized, and well maintained. A little gem that is close to Lake Nona.
April Gilmore, October 2016 Love everyone that works here! I love the set up of the play house. There’s so much to see and play with. My boys are so in love with everything this place is.

Christine, September 2016 We went there to play when my daughter was little and now she attends their VPK program and she absolutely loves it! Everyday she’s so excited to tell me what they did and what she learned.

Jennifer, October 2015 This place is so awesome for my 2 year old! I HIGHLY recommend taking a child 0-5 years old here! So many activities and great for the kiddos to interact with each other! No parent will be disappointed with this fantastic place!

Michelle, October 2015 By far the cleanest, most well and safely run indoor playground for the littles. It’s our favorite and our kids’ favorite!

Laura, March 2015 We love, love, love Peanuts Playhouse! There are so many amazing play stations to enjoy, fun activities, holiday events, clean and beautiful facility. My boys love going to Peanuts!  We have been going since they opened and the programs just keep getting better and better! And we are now also loving the Little Peanuts Academy Pre-School too!! Such friendly owners! The staff are always so friendly and welcoming to myself and family when we visit!

Lolerica Entertainment, March 2015 For 5 years we have strived to uphold the highest standards possible when it comes to children’s entertainment. With that said, we looked around for a long time for a children’s play place location that had the same values and integrity. Peanut’s Playhouse has it all! We enjoy working with them to make dreams come true! The place is always immaculate, the staff is always on top of their game and the owner Nicole isn’t just “your average bear!” She knows kids and it shows in the way she plans the special events. We look forward to any years working with Peanut’s Playhouse!!!!

Susy, February 2015 My kids absolutely love this place. Staff was very friendly.  Definitely going back.

Jennifer Kennedy, February 2015 Our family absolutely LOVES Peanut’s Playhouse! We have been coming since a few weeks after their opening and have only seen things get better and better! My boys love playing, and I love that they are in a clean, fun environment! We have utilized birthday services and that still goes down as my almost 5 year olds favorite birthday party. A great place to take the kids to play and be able to enjoy!!

Samantha, February 2015 My son loves peanuts, as do I. Their clean and organized environment gives my son room for his imagination to grow. As a first time mother and my son starting a VPK program i was reluctant to enroll him in just any program. When we found out LPA was offering a VPK class, all anxiety subsided. I am sure our son will excell and will enjoy going to school. We are expecting our second child June 2015 and he will grow in the Little Peanuts environment just like his big brother.

Samantha M., February 2015 Our son had delayed speech, so starting school was a huge worry for us. We were told about Little Peanut Academy and went to meet Mrs Nicole who not only was amazing with Kingsley from that first moment but reassured us too.  Kingsley started LPA on it’s opening day and we never looked back. Our beautiful, painfully shy at times little boy LOVED school. He adored his teachers, Mrs Nicole, Miss Kathleen and Miss Sandy were all amazing. Kingsley’s confidence grew and his speech flourished.  We cannot say enough good things about LPA. Kingsley started a mainstream VPK program a few weeks ago, something we didn’t think a year ago was possible. He is now “average in class” in the most amazing sense – communicating with friends, writing his name and starting to read, and a large part of this is due to LPA. We truly believe there is no other school that could have given him the time and love he needed to develop and transition from a Mommy’s boy to a school boy 🙂 Mrs Nicole, Miss Kathleen & Miss Sandy, thank you! Thank you for going that extra step. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your love and commitment.  Oh, and for the record – we chose to drive an hour each way to Little Peanut Academy and do not regret that decision for a second.  Miss and love you all. Forever thankful x

Stephanie Ubiera, February 2015  I love this place. I was looking for somewhere where my 18 month old can play without being trampled by older children,and this is it!  The way its set up is nice, gives everyone privacy to play. Dont get me wrong, older children will be happy to be here, its just a nice set up,that those toys are seperate from the baby toys. Love it, will come again.

Laura Goodwin, February 2015 My daughter loves this place! So many activities for all ages! Super clean and staff is awesome!

Hazlett Family, February 2015 Such a fun place for young children….everyone is very sweet and loving. The facility is always clean and a safe place for kids to have fun, explore and learn. We love Peanuts!!

M. Rivera, February 2015 We love Peanuts Playhouse! It is a unique and safe place to bring your children to play, play, play! Mrs. Nicole and everyone there are so wonderful with the children. They know my daughter by name; they also remember my specific allergies. It is a wonderful place that makes you feel at home. Your children will never want to leave :).   We highly recommend Peanuts Playhouse!

Kathleen, February 2015 Love Peanuts Playhouse!! The atmosphere is relaxing for the parents and fun for the children. The facility is clean and inviting and the monthly events and activities are so much fun!! Peanuts is a perfect place to bring a playgroup to 🙂

Anonymous, February 2015 We enjoy bringing our little ones to Peanut’s Playhouse! The place is SO clean! The staff is very friendly and helpful! We recommend taking your little “peanut” here!

Christie, February 2015 We love Peanuts Playhouse. Its always clean, the staff is nice and always pleasant.  Its a good way to meet new moms as well. My two boys love it there.

Jacquelyn Queen, March 2014 Thank you Peanut’s Playhouse my daughter and her friends loved her private Birthday Party. I spoke to some of her guest last night and their little peanut’s were still talking about how much fun they had and asking to have their own private party @ Peanut’s Playhouse. When we left after TaNiah stopped crying because she did not want to leave she told me this was the best birthday ever & she loves Peanut’s Playhouse. See you soon and Thank you again

Dustin, October 2014 I have brought my toddlers to other storytimes and none of them compare to the one at this playhouse!

Claudia Grajales, February 2014 Loads of fun. Very relaxing atmosphere. Funny to say with a room full of toddlers

Katie Fields, February 2014 After visiting yesterday, we cannot wait to go back! Such a relaxing environment for parents, beautifully decorated with soothing music. My two little boys had such a blast playing with all of the well-created stations, all of which were very clean and organized. What a wonderful place to let your children explore, learn, and just have fun!

Tonda Steadman, February 2014 I had a wonderful time today with my grand daughter Savannah. Thank you for having Snow White today. It absolutely made her whole year. She is still telling everybody about it.

Juli McCaskill, February 2014  Best play place ever. Nicole thought of everything when planning out the play areas and the kids love it. So many things to do here, the kids never get bored and always ask to come back. They even choose it over the beach in the summer!

Elaine Haddad, November 2013 We absolutely love Peanuts playhouse! Such a creative, organized, safe, and very clean place for my boys to learn, explore and have fun!

Melinda Barned, October 2013 I have been taking my son to Peanut’s for about two years now. He has done two Musikgarten Classes ( 12 classes each time) and Two Little Peanut Art and Literacy Classes (8 classes each time). It is a great place for toddlers and preschoole…rs to learn and play. I watched my rambunctious little boy improve his expressive language, engage in structured activities, and build social skills. It’s a beautiful facility with wonderful staff that take the time to really get to know their customers. They have become like extended family. They are actively involved in the community and provide a warm and welcoming feeling to their visitors. My son loves his very first teacher Ms. Nicole. We are looking forward to bigger and better things with Peanut’s and are excited to be a part of it! Visit Peanut’s, it will be worth your while!
Laura Croft, October 2013 What a nice Halloween party! Thank you so much for a great morning, the awesome picture and yummy treats!!  Nathaniel and Henry really had a good time!!! We are thankful for your playhouse and all the great programs you offer! Just had to let you know! Thanks again!

Kim Hazlett, September 2013 Great place for kids to play…clean facility, fun educational toys and activities plus friendly employees…love the adorable store too ❤

Amarilys Borghei, September 2013 My daughter loves this indoor play center & the activities they offer. Love this place!

Anne Marie Jackson , July 2013Best indoor playcenter, my kids love to go and hate to leave!!! Mommies can relax while kiddos play in a fun safe environment. I live 1 1/2 hours away and it’s worth the drive.

Bobbie, August 28th, 2012 My son who is 3 was invited to a birthday party here and just loved it. We are definitely coming back soon with his cousin.

Jamie Prieto, July 4th, 2012 We love Peanut’s!! My son Devin is three and it is perfect for him! He especially loves the train table, trampoline, and music area. Also, it is SO clean!!! We love it!!

Erin, June 25th, 2012 My two-year old absolutely loved playing at Peanuts. It is clean, fun, and a safe place for kids to play. I adored the shop too! Nicole and her family are great and I’m so thankful they opened!

Melinda and Isaiah, June 14th, 2012 We love to play at peanuts. It’s the only place that has age appropriate toys and equipment for toddlers. We have so much fun each time we go. The staff is very friendly and they always remember Isaiah’s name and greet him with a big smile. 🙂

Tricia Conroy, June 10th, 2012 While visiting my best friend in St. Cloud we were searching for a play area for my twin boys, who are 1. We successfully found Peanuts Playhouse. It is safe, affordable, clean, super friendly owner and staff, and PERFECT! Just to know when we visit that there is a place for the kids to keep busy is so nice. I would definitely recommend. Thank you!

Jeanine, May 14th, 2012 My son had a great time at Peanut’s Playhouse. We will be back soon!!

Ginger Bailey, April 5th, 2012 What a great place for little ones to play! My boys loved the train table & the swings. It was definitely worth the drive from College Park 🙂

Kirstin, April 5th, 2012 Peanuts is such a wonderful place! I have a 14 month old and she loved it!! It is so clean and the boutique has so many cute things!!

Mandy Hendrix, April 4th, 2012 What a fabulous place full of fun activities! My 6 month old daughter had a wonderful time playing in the colorful infant section. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience!!!

Jennifer Kennedy, March 27th, 2012 We discovered Peanut’s Playhouse in November and have been frequent visitors since then! My two year old just had his birthday party there and EVERYONE loved it! Luke loves playing with everything and just bounces from activity to activity. Thank you for bringing a great idea to St. Cloud!

Gudiela Cross, March 21st, 2012 I love this place! What a neat idea. My 19 month old goes several times a week and she has a blast. I highly recommend it.

Cindy, February 26th, 2012 I brought my boy here (3and 5)– they had a blast! I think we closed the place, and they didn’t want to leave. And it is mom approved (which is tough)too. It is clean and fun and so creative. Can’t wait to come back! I wish you the best.

Debra Schweiger, February 3rd, 2012 My 20month old son and I came today for the first time. We had an awesome time! I am so glad there is some place close to my house like this for us to go! We can’t wait to come back:)

Linda, January 13th, 2012 I will certainly be bringing my 18 month old grandson. I have a few grandma friends and we are always looking for someplace to have our grammy playdates. Glad I happened upon your brouchure…..

Jakayla, December 17th, 2011 Just what the doctor ordered, thankity you!

Carli, December 17th, 2011 It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with expertise.

Samantha Lemons, November 28th, 2011 I brought my twin boys (2 1/2 years old) to Peanuts today and had an absolute BLAST!! There is so much to do… 3 hours wasn’t even enough! I could seriously come here everyday with them. It’s clean, fun, and the employees/owners are super nice!! A++! I hope you guys stay around for a long time 🙂

Bonnie Kozloski, November 21st, 2011 I had so much fun with my boys at Peanut’s this afternoon. Looking forward to celebrating his birthday there, I will be in contact soon:)

Kristin Abramowski, November 9th, 2011 Our Mommy group had such a great time playing yesterday! Love your place!

Donna, October 26th, 2011 To my husband Nick and daughter Nicole, It’s been a great time working with both of you. We put a lot of hard work and love into this beautiful building and new business venture. I look forward to many years of working at Peanut’s. I truly have finally found something besides raising my children that I enjoy doing. love you both, Donna/mom

Andrea Barfield, October 26th, 2011 We had a great time at Peanut’s. You did an amazing job setting it up. I love that it is just 10 minutes from my house.

Kathleen Kershaw, October 24th, 2011 What a wonderful place! The kids had a great day playing and my family had fun shopping! My sister loves her purse! We’ll be back soon!

Jennifer Assaf, October 21st, 2011 Congratulations and best wishes! So very happy for you and cannot wait to come visit!

Laura Shaffer, October 21st, 2011 Amazing work Moo!!! So proud you of you! Congrats again =)

Silvia H., October 20th, 2011 WOW sis !! Everything looks awesome, the best of luck…luv u guys 🙂

Joey & Willy Melikian, October 20th, 2011 Congratulations. The place looks incredible, somewhere kids can go and really have fun. We wish you all the best. All our love.

Christy, October 20th, 2011 Congratulations! Peanuts playhouse is so cute and my 2 1/2 year old loved it! He had a vlast and had been asking to go back ever since! Everything was clean and organized which made it pleasant for me and my 5 month old as well. Thanks for a great morning!

Monica Josephson, October 20th, 2011 Boy have ya’ll been busy! What a fantastic place!!! It almost makes me wish I were a kid again. Best of luck with this adventure. May your dreams and wishes come true. Love (Aunt) Monica

Elaine Haddad, October 20th, 2011 Hard work pays off, and you have proved it. Good going and wishing you all the best!

Becky Bronzi, October 20th, 2011 The place looks and sounds AMAZING! What a great idea! I can’t wait to come down and see it! Best of luck with everything. Love you:)

Stacey Beitler, October 19th, 2011 WOW! What a wonderful playspace for kids!I expected nothing less with the minds of such amazing parents and teachers behind the design. The pictures beautifully display the heart and soul you all put into this new venture. Best wishes always for continued success. Can’t wait for the Beitler boys’ first playdate! xoxo Stacey

Alyse Saylor, October 19th, 2011 Wow! I’m so impressed with Peanut’s. Great job Nicole, Nick and Donna. I can’t wait to see it in person! Love you very much, Alyse

Aunt Phyllis & Uncle Angelo, October 19th, 2011 You guys did an awesome job with your new venture. We wish you the best of luck and success and we know you will do very well. The playhouse is decorated beautifully and we know the kids will enjoy it very much. All our love, Aunt Phyllis & Uncle Ang

Ann Melikian, October 18th, 2011 Congratulations and all my best wishes for much success in your beautiful Peanuts Playhouse. You guys did an amazing job. Can’t wait to see it in person. All my love, your sister (&aunt) xo

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